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Top Plastic Surgery Trends 2019

body transformationbody transformationThe desire to look perfectly filtered, both in pictures and in real life, has sparked quite a lot of activities in the world of plastic surgery in 2019. More people are opting for minimally invasive procedures now than ever before. Advances in technology have also played a part in developing trends in plastic surgery. Some of the top plastic surgery trends in 2019 are highlighted below.

Increased Accessibility of Injectables

The aesthetic procedures that use injections are probably among the least invasive ones. That has seen to it that injectable are quite popular now. Some of the reasons more people prefer injectables is that they cost lower, have low downtime, and does not cause a lot of stigmas. The procedures can also be done within a short time, and the results are visible almost immediately.

Breast Augmentation Has Gone High-Tech

 Among the latest trends for 2019 in plastic surgery is the high-tech breast augmentation, also referred to as hybrid breast augmentation. The procedure involves the use of implants with the possibility of reshaping through fat transfer. The trend is quite popular in drjugenburg, largely because it allows the breasts to be sculptured in a way that gives them a more natural look. It offers fewer risks when compared to standard silicone implants. The recovery time is also shorter.

Demand for Lip Lifts Is High

Many people are undergoing cosmetic procedures to enhance how their lips look. There is a variety of lip enhancement procedures, but most patients demand the enhancements that result in natural-looking lips. Lip lifts do have a nuanced effect, which allows the lips to fit the face perfectly as opposed to overwhelming it. It is a permanent procedure, which usually involves the use of local anesthesia. Ideally, it shortens the space between the top of the lips and the bottom of the nose.

Ultrasonic Rhino-Sculpture Is Replacing Nose Jobs

For a long time, nose jobs have always been a popular cosmetic surgery procedure. In 2019, however, the trend is switching to ultrasonic rhino-sculpture. That is because the procedure has a much lower downtime and results that are more precise. The other techniques usually chisel and file the nasal bone. With ultrasonic rhino-sculpture, a device that looks like a probe is used. The device emits ultrasonic energy, allowing the surgeons to shape the nose accurately while minimizing damage to the soft tissues and cartilage.